What is Ethereum Betting?


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Ethereum Betting Guru is known authority for betting odds, tips and picks across sports, poker, casino games, slots.
If you enjoy Ethereum sports betting, we have you covered!

As the name implies, Ethereum betting is the use of the ETH cryptocurrency to wager on an outcome of an event. The best Ethereum betting sites are the ones that are safe, trustworthy, and offer bonuses. They can also offer other benefits that can make life easier for bettors. And of course, you can immediately withdraw your funds and enjoy it.

Do you want to learn about ETH sports betting? Here’s the right article for you. In this article, we describe what Ethereum betting sites are, the standards we used to evaluate the websites, and how to start betting. We’ve also answered some FAQs that surround ETH betting. So let’s get started.

How do we rate online Ethereum betting sites

Detailed below are the criteria that we used to rate the online best Ethereum betting site, and you can use them to choose your Ethereum sportsbook, too.

Security & Licensing

The first criteria that we’ve considered in rating our online Ethereum betting sites are security and licensing. Ethereum, like other digital currencies, can be hacked, thus, you must research and trade your hard-earned fiat currency on a safe website.

Don’t know what a safe website is, right? A safe website is one with an outstanding reputation and reviews. It’ll be licensed to operate in your country and you can trade your Ethereum on it. Even if you mistakenly register and add money before discovering it’s not supported in your country, such a website in most cases will return your money.

Often, a secured website will not even allow you to register and deposit funds if you’re registering from a restricted country.

Website Design

ETH betting websites’ design is another criterion we factored in before choosing our best Ethereum betting sites. A good website must be attractive, easy to navigate, and its services easily displayed. This would save users from meandering before they could bet or trade ETH on the website.

Customer Support

The importance of good customer service cannot be overemphasized when it comes to betting online. A good Ethereum sports betting site customer service must be ready to respond quickly and easily to players’ inquiries, especially new ones. This will make the game fun and give users a nice experience.

Sports Accepted

Most Ethereum sports betting sites offer a wide range of game options in their library, including table games and jackpot slots. Others are provably fair games, baccarat, Ethereum casino live dealer, poker room, eSports betting,  free spins, sports games, and more.

So, before choosing any betting website, check if you would be allowed to choose your choice of sporting events and markets. Also, consider checking your probability of winning. This is because not all Ethereum betting sites are good for betting.

Bonuses & Promotions

Since Ethereum is emerging, many Ethereum betting sites that we included in our list offer different bonuses. Whether you’re new to Ethereum gambling or already a player, there’s always an offer for you, once you’re using Ethereum to gamble.

For example, if you’re a new player, you may be rewarded with an Ethereum welcome bonus upon signing up. While the requirement for this varies, it’ll most likely come in the form of a matched deposit bonus. You can also be rewarded with poker chips, free spins, or even cash prizes if you’re using the Ethereum platform for the first time.

Our enlisted sportsbooks also reward existing players with ongoing bonuses. Other bonuses that they offer other than the welcome bonus are deposit bonus, Free Bets, no deposit bonus, and more.

How to start betting on Ethereum betting sites

Sports betting on the Ethereum site is fairly easy and wagers can start once licensed in their countries. However, as easy as it may be, it’s also easy to lose money. This is because cryptocurrencies are volatile and their transactions are irreversible.

Below are the steps to take to start your betting journey:

Step 1: Select Ethereum sportsbook

The first thing you should do before starting to bet on the ETH site is to critically check their reputations and track records. Then, check the details of their available game selection – sports betting, Ethereum poker games, and progressive jackpots. Others are Ethereum free spins, baccarat, Ethereum poker rooms, and more popular games on the site.
After you’ve checked this, you’ll still need to check if the site’s terms and conditions are fair.

Of course, you’ll need to check whether the site offers bonus codes to access bonuses too – welcome bonuses, first deposit bonuses, and more to new customers. After this, you can then proceed to choose the appropriate sportsbook.

The reason for checking these features is that they can help you to minimize your chances of losing your investment.

Step 2: Register an account

A sequel to the above is to register, and the process is easy. All you have to do is to head up to the signup page and input your details – phone number, e-mail address, country, and deposit method.

Then, you’ll need to verify your credentials, and the account registration will be successful.

Step 3: Deposit for Ethereum sports betting

After the above, you’ll need to make a deposit. Different betting websites have different Ethereum deposit modes, and this will be covered in the next section.

Step 4: Choose your choice of Ethereum Games

As we stated earlier, each website has a different game set. Some ETH betting websites have ETH games that include free spins, and sports betting, among other betting games, while others may have different ones.

You should first determine your gaming preference and your choice of a website before betting.

For instance, if you’re a fan of games based around ETH – sports betting cryptocurrency, slot games, and more, you should target Ethereum gambling sites with a broad catalog of these games. Understanding more about the website’s game structure can also enhance clarity.

Step 5: Withdraw Your Winnings and Enjoy

The last step of this process is funds withdrawal and cash out. Some of the best Ethereum betting sites will reward you based on what you use to gamble.

For instance, if you use Ethereum to gamble, you’ll be paid back in your account with Ethereum. Note that you can hold the value of your crypto asset and then sell it when the price goes higher. Or you can add it to your portfolio.

While Ethereum transactions are always fast, you may need patience to receive your money. However, should you not receive your fund after 6 hrs, you may need to contact the website’s customer service agent.

How to make a deposit with cryptocurrency on Ethereum betting site

Highlighted below are the steps to follow to deposit using crypto on the eth betting site:

Purchase Ethereum

To use Ethereum to gamble, users must first purchase crypto–ETH from a reputable crypto trading website or application.
Don’t know how to get started, right? Head to the Ethereum trading platform – Binance and Kraken, and add fiat currency to your deposit wallet. Then you can convert your fiat fund into an e-wallet – Ethereum wallet.

Transfer of Funds

Next is to transfer the purchased Ethereum into your gambling account on the website. Note that some websites will ask you to verify your credentials.

Login to Account

After the above process, you’ll have to log into your Ethereum betting account and open the deposit options. Then, select deposit crypto in the ETH sports betting websites.

Congratulations! Your transaction should be completed by now and you should be able to use your funds to make transactions.

Popular sports at Ethereum Sportsbook for users

Due to the recent popularity of Ethereum sports betting, an increasing number of sports betting websites now allow users to bet using Ethereum.

Below are popular sports that allow the usage of ETH to bet on sports and esports:


Soccer is one of the most popular Ethereum sportsbooks that allow bettors to choose a home or away team to win. Players can also back the draw. If you’re the type that loves higher odds options, consider choosing the draw option. The reason for this suggestion is that the odds option occurs at least once in every four leagues.

Soccer sportsbooks are of two types:
Draw no bet: This gift uses an Ethereum when their team wins or returns their stake when the game ends in a draw.

Double chance: This allows players to win the bet when their team didn’t lose. Although they won’t be offered any bonus if their team wins.


Most North American sports including basketball don’t end in a draw; instead, they’ll go into overtime. However, should a team win the game during overtime; they’ll win the bet. And of course, there have been ‘tie’ records in American football games. So, players must check for overtime in their original bet.


Tennis is a straightforward game, and just like basketball, it doesn’t end in a draw as one player must win. However, the winning player must reach the set number before they can become the winner of the game.


Globally, eSports have drawn the attention of over 450 million viewers. It’s a video game in which the best-skilled players play against one another in a worldwide tournament. While eSports will not be enlisted in the 2024’s Olympic Games, some experts predict its Olympic future recognition.

Among the games that one could play for tournament purposes are StarCraft II, PUBG, and DOTA 2.

With Ethereum sports betting, you get an exciting gaming experience and inevitable profits

Ethereum sports betting has very high profit potential. All you need is good luck and some insight.
Follow sports teams, study the results of world cups, world football championships, and other results of sports competitions. Bet on your favorite teams that you know well and Fortune will favor you. The time spent on researching the standings of sports competitions and games will be compensated with good winnings.

Understanding betting odds is critical to becoming a successful sports bettor, so learning about a sport’s odds should be one of your first focuses. Give yourself a better chance at winning.

Enjoy Ethereum sports betting and win!


Is betting with Ethereum safe?

Yes, due to the Blockchain technology, betting with Ethereum is just as safe as betting with fiat currency. However, one has to carefully check their deposit and withdraw on the site because Crypto transactions are non-reversible.

Is Ethereum betting Legal?

Yes, Ethereum sports betting is legal in most countries, and it’s similar to betting with fiat. However, before betting on the Ethereum site, consider checking your country’s rules. Check if sports betting sites and Ethereum are legalized in your country.

Should Ethereum betting not be allowed in your country and you wish to bet, consider using VPN. This will keep your online activity private.

Can I withdraw from Ethereum betting instantly?

Yes, you can cash out from some ETH betting sites instantly because betting sites use automated payouts. Some can even pay directly back to your wallet.

However, some Ethereum sports betting sites that use a manual model may take days before you can withdraw from them. In any case, it won’t take longer.

Do Ethereum betting sites offer bonuses?

Yes, many best Ethereum betting sites offer users great bonuses – a minimum Ethereum deposit and a free welcome bonus. Some sites also offer players the chance to gain specific gaming options and free slots.

What sports can I bet?

Horse racing, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAAF, MKB, NASCAR, superbowl, boxing, Olympics, esports, different sports events and competitions. Choose your favorite sports for Ethereum betting and get started.

What are Ethereum sports betting trends?

Ethereum Betting trends are breakdowns of how a team is performing over time, with particular attention to spread betting.

Can I bet on Ethereum betting sites anonymously?

Yes, Ethereum crypto  allows for anonymous transactions, so Ethereum betting without revealing your identity is possible.

What is the best Ethereum Sports Betting site?

Here you can find the most trusted and verified Ethereum Sports Betting sites with many online sports betting tips, picks and detailed reviews. Make your choice and win.


Above is a comprehensive article on the best Ethereum betting website. In it, we explained the features we used to rate the online Ethereum betting sites, how to start betting, and how to make a deposit with cryptocurrency. We also explained the popular sportsbook and some frequently asked questions that surround Ethereum sports betting.

Do you want to choose the best Ethereum betting website from the pool of available choices? Read this article to the end.